AGV Reachtruck

Update on the AGV Reach Truck project

Proferro has invested in seven new Mabo AGV Reach Trucks in order to further optimize internal logistics. Four of the seven AGV Reach Trucks are now operational and fully controlled by the digital Objective system.

The AGVs' current applications include transporting vessels between the finishing department and the automated high-bay warehouse. The various workstations at Proferro are also being systematically converted with a view to achieving further progress on this project this year. This will involve increasing the number of AGVs to seven, during the course of 2024, with the last three AGVs being allocated to the removal of workpieces from the various workstations. 

This investment reduces the number of fossil-fueled forklifts, replacing them with new, electric-powered AGV Reach Trucks. The AGVs will eventually take care of all goods delivery and removal in Proferro's mechanical finishing department.