Sustainability at Proferro

Sustainability at Proferro
Every ending is a new beginning

At Proferro, we believe that every ending is a new beginning. This is a sustainable conviction that we live up to on a daily basis by focusing on circular production, energy efficiency, and a wide range of environmentally friendly initiatives. We aim to set a new standard in the foundry industry, combining our passion for excellence with a deep respect for the environment. Our commitment to sustainability is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to create innovative solutions that improve the world around us.

Proferro from iron to eco
It's not just what we do - it's how we do it

Our commitment to sustainability starts with our processes. We continuously invest in advanced technologies that enable us to operate in a more energy-efficient way. Our production methods are carefully designed to make the best use of raw materials while minimizing waste.

Proferro from iron to eco
Warm feeling

At Proferro, we believe that a fundamental part of sustainability involves reusing and recycling materials. Here, high-tech parts are made from materials that are at least 80% recycled. Therefore, it involves utilizing steel scrap from the metal and construction sectors, to save it from consignment to waste. We process this scrap metal into high-quality cast iron, which is a metal that is 100% recyclable while retaining its exceptional strength and flexibility. Our efforts are focused on minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting a circular economy.

Sustainability at Proferro
Sustainable partnership

We strive to be a leader, not only in our own sector but also within the wider community in which we operate. We work with local stakeholders, experts, and partners, with whom we share knowledge, promoting powerful initiatives and methodologies, as well as developing shared solutions that make the industry as a whole more sustainable.

Sustainability at Proferro
Building a sustainable future, together

We realize that Proferro can make a difference and we will continue to invest in our production process to make it even more sustainable, optimize our energy consumption, and reduce our ecological footprint.

We have an iron will to combine our passion for excellence with a deep respect for our planet, working together with, and for, subsequent generations. We have an iron will to create a promising, ecological future. From iron to eco.

  • proferro-our-design-process-enables-optimal-use-of-material-1.jpg

    Our design process enables the optimal use of material

    In the design process of the cast iron parts we produce for our customers, our qualified designers always strive to optimize the use of material. This approach is taken for both cost and sustainability reasons. Material optimization refers to reducing the amount of material needed to produce a casting, while either maintaining or improving its...
  • BEO-veld

    BTES field as an energy-neutral solution for new headquarters

    Alongside our future new headquarters in Ieper, a B TES field ( borehole- thermal- energy- storage) is currently being constructed which will ensure the heating and cooling of the building in a climate-friendly manner. To realize this BTES field, we carried out a total of 136 drillings, each of which was 95 meters deep.
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    Solar panels and charging places at our company premises in Ieper

    Sustainability is playing a central role in our society. Paying attention to our ecological and carbon footprint, and investing in green energy and further greening of our vehicle fleet is obviously an important part of this. As a company, we want to incorporate sustainability into all the actions we undertake. Therefore, we’ve recently invested in...
Part of Tessenderlo Group: Every Molecule Counts

Proferro is part of Picanol Group, a business unit of Tessenderlo Group (Euronext: TESB). Tessenderlo Group is a global industrial group that focuses on agriculture, valorizing bio-residuals, energy, and industrial solutions. Tessenderlo Group has a positive and pragmatic vision of how to grow our business in a sustainable way: Every Molecule Counts. Therefore, we constantly strive to maximize the valorization of our products and processes and add value to everything we do. Every Molecule Counts is and remains Tessenderlo Group's fundamental contribution to a sustainable and better society.

Find out more about our sustainability goals, efforts, and results in the Tessenderlo Group sustainability report.

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