Optimal transport of our goods

When it comes to the truck transportation of all our goods, we strive to combine shipments and ensure that the trucks are loaded as optimally as possible. Among other things, we achieve this through smart transport planning, compact packaging, and mixed transport, which leads to fewer kilometers being driven and thus less CO₂ emissions. To realize this goal, we work very closely together with our local transportation partners.

High-bay warehouse

Together with our high-bay warehouse, which stands at no less than 32 meters in height and is the logistical beating heart of Proferro, we are working towards a 100% future-proof Proferro where the supply chain, from production to storage, runs through one single integrated digital system. This ensures we can give more oxygen to our growth and serve our customers even quicker and more efficiently.

Our high-bay warehouse covers an area of 2,000 m2 and has more than 10,000 pallet spaces. It is also equipped with four automated cranes and a new loading and unloading zone featuring several loading docks.