Let's Make it Together

New technological developments are rapidly changing the world. The connection of billions of people via mobile devices with unprecedented computing power, storage capacity and data access provides unlimited opportunities. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, self-driving vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc. will further reinforce this reality. The fourth industrial revolution, in which machines, processes and applications are interconnected and can be intelligently controlled, will fundamentally change the way in which we produce, consume and interact in the years to come.

Currently, the Picanol Group operates in a constantly changing world of ever-increasing complexity and this creates many challenges. In addition to automation, product development, innovation and quality - of both products and services - agility, teamwork and, above all, smart responses to new technological challenges will be the keys to becoming and remaining successful in the future. We firmly believe in the further growth of our manufacturing industry. And we are also committed to the future and to the sustainable growth of the Picanol Group, with our employees as the driving force.

With Let's Make it Together, we intend to turn the Picanol Group by 2020+ into a company in which:
• Dynamic and committed teams work together
• Work is a pleasure
• Top quality production is achieved

In the coming years we will therefore focus on three priorities that should help us on our way to becoming the (manufacturing) company of and for the future. These three pillars dictate the following objectives in Ypres:

We will continue to invest in future-oriented equipment and efficient logistics processes. At the same time we want to create an appealing working environment.

We are committed to the digitization of our production and processes by capturing, making available and using data efficiently. The use of good hardware and software platforms to support our business processes is of central importance in this context.

We strive for an organization in which engaged employees have room for creativity and initiative. Our employees are actively supported in this regard, receiving ongoing training in order to further develop their talents and provide added value.

We want to use Let's Make it Together to raise our game and, together with our employees, prepare ourselves for the future! We can only continue to expand our current lead if we are together able to respond flexibly to an ever-changing environment, better analyze our challenges and deal with them in a smarter way.

We are convinced that we have all the assets at our disposal to meet these challenges and together build the future of the Picanol Group.

Let’s Make it Together!
For more information, contact corporatecommunication@picanol.be